Corporate and Social Responsibility... Wunjo style!

It's not all about guitars and Rock 'n' Roll, you know. After the rockers and jazzers of this world are sent merrily on their way with their new toys, Wunjo Guitars likes to spare a thought, and thus some time and money, to those less fortunate or privileged in the world. From charitable giving to offering work opportunities to young people and people with learning difficulties, here you can read a little bit about our efforts to give a little bit back to the world.


Supporting the Norwood Charity for people with learning difficulties:

We were delighted to be contacted by Norwood after a former colleague of ours, Dan Hyams, became a member of staff and learning coach for the charity and considered the shop a great place for his protégés to come and earn some money. At present, we have a young lady named Kara who has secured herself a regular gig on Wednesdays on the shop floor. Since working here at the guitar shop, Cara has become so rock 'n' roll that she now refuses all interviews, signatures and photos, so we just leave her alone to make our guitars all clean and shiny. We are very grateful for her contribution to our work.


Work Experience opportunities for school pupils in the UK.

The kids wanna rock too, and one obvious way for them to expedite this ambition is to seek a work experience placement here at Wunjo Guitars. We're very keen to offer opportunities to young people to help them as much as we can to get a foot-hold into the inhospitable world of employment, and we offer a limited number of placements throughout the year to Y10 and Y11 pupils on school-based work experience projects. If you would like to know more about work experience opportunities at Wunjo Guitars, please contact Jimmy-James at