Electric Guitar Clearance Sale!

It's Spring, and what does everyone do in the Spring other than eat alot of chocolate eggs? That's right, buy alot of guitars. Here at Wunjo's Electrics, we're having a bit of a Spring Clean in the shape of a SALE, so you can do just that, buy alot of guitars. Or maybe just one (or two?). Read below for the full inventory of sale items in alphabetical order, or CLICK HERE to view the list with pictures and words.

Effects Pedals:


Electric Guitars:

70s Maya Marauder, was £395, now £295.

Rickenbacker 381v69, was £3695, now £3395..

Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Baritone (new), was £599, now £525.

Gibson L6-S 1975, was £1195, now £995

Danelectro DC-59 NOS (new), was £419, now £329

Eastwood Surfcaster (new), was £935, now £750

Airline Folkstar (new), was £769, now £550

Airline 59 Coronado (new), was £1149, now £800

Airline 59 Town & Country (new), was £995, now £750

Airline Bighorn (new), was £495, now £375


Bass Guitars:

Fender Coronado Bass (new, ex-demo), was £695, now £595.

Kay Value Leader Bass 1960s, was £750, now £600.



Tech 21 VT Bass + Cab, was £895, now £750

Laney Nexus Bass, was £679, now £499