Selling your gear to Wunjo Guitars



Do a 'trade' or a part-exchange on a guitar you once loved but for which that love (or maybe just the space!) has run out. Sadly, it happens. We will part-exchange most instruments provided they are in a reasonably saleable condition, but it's always best to phone or email before you come to the shop to avoid disappointment.

Buy in

Sometimes we are happy to simply buy an instrument off you there and then, enabling you to get instant cash (or in rare circumstances a cheque). Again, please be aware we do not always accept what gets offered to us, and it's always best to call us first or in some cases email us some pictures, it'll save you lugging your instrument all the way down for nothing.

Please do email us if you'd like to know more, or to tell us about a piece of gear you'd like to sell at:, or feel free to phone us at the shop on 0207 379 0737.

**Please kindly note that we do not offer free valuations for guitars. If you have a guitar you want to sell, we will need to see it here at the shop before we can give you any idea of what we could offer for it. Sending photos is useful, but by no means an alternative to viewing at the shop (unless you are outside the UK). 

***Please also note that we only offer a trade price for part-ex or buy in and will not offer the full secondhand market value.