Wunjo's Bass Centre - Call 0207 240 1063 or email: sales@wunjoguitars.com

Like a child spending his formative years growing up next to a nuclear power station, Wunjo Guitars has grown a new arm. Now well established on Tin Pan Alley, our Bass Centre is, in true Wunjo style, jam-packed full of the very best from the world of new, used and vintage bass instruments.






Click here to see our full list of bass brands on sale at Wunjo Bass.

As well as the usual suspects from the Bass world such as Fenders, Musicman, Rickenbacker and Hofner with their four and five string electric offerings, we have a good deal of other little (well, big) treasures to drool over, such as acoustic basses, upright basses, baritones and effects pedals. Here's a little virtual photo tour (including our lovely Instagram feed!):

If you would like to view or vast range of stock according to individual brand names, here are a few to get you going:

Fender Warwick Ibanez Music Man Squier Hofner Gretsch Vox and Eastwood, and amps from Mark Bass Aguilar TC Electronic and Sans Amp. Check out the Kala U-Bass selection too!

Enjoy the shop, and if you have any questions, just contact us via the usual means, phone 0207 240 1063 and ask for Tom, Laurence or, well, anyone really, there's loads of them nowadays, or email sales@wunjoguitars.com.