Wunjo Guarantee

We are a total guitar shop here at Wunjo. We don't just live, eat and breath (and quite often sell) guitars, we like to disassociate ourselves from the online dystopian nightmare scenario faced by so many punters out there who buy guitars or amps and then end up paying through the nose again when the guitar isn't right, or breaks, or just needs a bit of adjustment to play well.

When you buy a fretted instrument (fretless basses included) from Wunjo Guitars, it is covered by our unique service guarantee that last for three years. This entitles our customers to free access to our workshop services over the three years from date of purchase from us. What's even better, is that we have a fully staffed workshop in the basement of our acoustics shop to cater for all your breakdowns and set-up requirements.

So what does the three-year guarantee include? Well, you get set ups, servicing and repairs, the kinds of things that can pay for the guitar again if you take full advantage. This guarantee applies to new and secondhand guitars as well as basses bought from us, something no other dealer will offer, on or offline! If you need any work doing to your guitar, all you have to do is bring it back to the shop with no need for an appointment.

On amps, the shop guarantee is three months, and if you develop a problem after this period we can refer you to Denmark Street's most excellent amp and pedal repairer Fabio, who's always around to fix the most difficult of amp related troubles. Guarantees on effects pedals are also three months on items sold as new, but again, even if it's gone past that time or the pedal was sold as used, we will still do our best to help you out.

Feel free to phone or email if you'd like any further information on this service. You can also reach our workshop by phone 0207 379 0737 or by email on info@wunjoguitars.com .


At Wunjo we pride ourselves on our customer service, but we know sometimes things don't always go completely to plan. In the event that there is something you are not happy about, or if you have a complaint, then you must feel free to get in touch with us to let us know. The best way to do this is by phone on 0207 379 0737 (option 6), or by email at sales@wunjoguitars.com. A member of the team will then assign themselves to solving your issue as a matter of priority, and liaise with you closely until a satisfactory outcome has been reached.

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