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Orange AD200B MK3 Bass Head (demo model)

Orange AD200B MK3 Bass Head (demo model)

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Since this head can push 200 Watts of power, driven by four 6550 power-amp tubes, the Orange AD200B MK3 forms the rumbling foundation of festival and big-stage shows all over. This head includes an input for both active and passive instruments and this, combined with the proportional gain, produces a tonal range spanning gentle to crushing; percussive to all out violence. It's safe to say that this is an incredibly flexible, potent amp, with a lot of power and a relatively simple circuit for the best possible tone.

Orange AD200B MK3: Pure Tone

The solid yet modest show-pony of the Orange AD200B is its pure tone. The theory that Orange applied to this amp is that the best possible tone is created by the shortest possible signal path. As such, the MK3 has an incredibly simple but highly effective EQ control.

Flexible, Simple Tube Amplification

While the AD200B has only one simple channel, what it lacks in numbers, it makes up for in flexibility. The 6550 power-amp tubes deliver rich, dynamic bass with a focused midrange while the proportional gain unlocks an incredible range of vintage and modern tones. Whether you play with your fingers or with a pick, you'll find something satisfying and with plenty of punch.

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