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Stone Deaf Fig Fumb

Stone Deaf Fig Fumb

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Here's what Stone Deaf have to say about their Fig Fumb:

There are so many Big Muff versions out there that it’s hard to keep track of which one the forums say is best. Let them argue. The Fig Fumb pushes into new territory with full parametric EQ control to help you create a sound instead of chasing one.

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The Fig Fumb is built on the same bones as the rest of our drive pedals – with extra controls that open doors and push boundaries. Its tone-shaping capabilities are unrivalled, thanks to the parametric EQ and bandwidth knobs that we’ve made our signature with products like the PDF-2. This precise control isn’t something you normally get with this type of pedal, but to us, it’s the essential key that you’ll need to unlock playing that stands out.

Fuzz versus distortion. Which is it? Does it matter? The best guitar pedals blur boundaries and break out of boxes. Big Muffs have divided opinion on what ‘type’ of pedal they actually are for decades. The Fig Fumb takes that idea and runs with it, giving you enough gain to strip paint off walls, without sacrificing low-gain subtlety, if that’s what you’re after.

The versatility doesn’t end there though. The Fig Fumb also brings the most musical noise gate around to the party, so the only noises coming out of your amp are the ones you want.

Just like the rest of the Stone Deaf drives, the Fig Fumb also works with the EP-1 expression pedal to deliver fuzzy wah and phaser tones. Plus, it works just as well for four-stringers, dealing out the heaviest bass fuzz you’ve ever heard.

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